September 25, 2018

New working champions!

In  September we got five new champions: Swedish Blood Tracking Champions!

SEJW'12, SEVCH Argenta's Mini Dahlia
SEVCH Argenta's Mini Frances

SEVCH Stars of White Nigh's Ellie Golding
SEUCH, SEVCH Argenta's Qlothilde
SEUCH, SEVCH Arrgenta's Morrison

Boel with two new champions: Argenta's Mini Dahlia "Kenja" and Argenta's Mini Frances "Fanny"
Kenja is owned by Caroline Spetz. Fanny is owned by Birgitta Andersson

Carina Lundberg and Stars of White Nigh's Ellie Golding, "Goldie" after recieving the blood tracking championtitle.
Goldie is coowned with Carina Lundberg. She is living and loved by Ann Eklund. 

Monika Johansson together with "Thilde" and "Morris" after recieving their new champion title,
Argenta's Morrison is owned by Monika Johansson and Argenta's Qlothilde is coowned with Boel Niklasson.

SEUCH, SEVCH Argenta's Morrison

Three Blood trackning champions:
Argenta's Mini Dahlia
Stars of White Nigh's Ellie Golding
Argenta's Mini Frances

"Sheldon", Top Target Happy Hero Argenta, came along and tested a baby blood tracking, since he is too young to compete officially, and he did great!