February 17, 2024

C4 - 8 weeks

Argenta's C4-litter is now 8 weeks old and leaving for their new homes. We are so grateful for this litter. It was not planned that Lia would remain in the family as she was spoken for as puppy C.I.B Multi Ch Argenta's Autumn Aurelia "Lia". "Troy" C.I.B Multi Ch Invidia Dios Trionfo was sold to Balticum but needed a new home. We welcomed him unseen and it turned out he was an upcoming star. We have had a great time competing with these two dogs and they are best friends The result of these happy circumstances is our C4 litter. We have high hopes for these puppies and we are very happy to have found great homes for all of them and many of the pups will be seen in the show rings and the working fields in the future.

Miss Red - Argenta's Calanthe

Miss Blue - Argenta's Calliope

Mr Yellow - Argenta's Copperfield

Miss Green - Argenta's Calypso

Miss Orange - Argenta's Cassiopeia

Mr White - Argenta's Count Challenger

Miss Pink - Countess Caper

Mr Light blue - Argenta's Crockett

Mr Light green - Argenta's Cayden

Miss Purple - Argenta's Carlista

February 11, 2024

C4 - 7 weeks

Our C4-litter is now 7 weeks and we have groomed and photographed them for the first time

Miss Red

Miss Blue

Mr Yellow

Miss Green

Miss Orange

Mr White

Miss Pink

Mr Light blue

Mr Light blue

Mr Light green

Miss Purple