June 14, 2018

New photos of U3-litter

Argenta's Uno Unik enjoying some quality time with his mother Ellie, he is 2 weeks in a couple of days.

Pedigree of Argenta's U3-litter

June 10, 2018

News from Iceland

We got some great news from Iceland and Argenta's Sigmund Svensk, 1 year old, who had an excellent show debut and in two days he won the following awards:
Icelandic Juniorwinner'18
Icelandic CC x2 

Nordic CC
Junior BOB x2

Best of Breed x2

Argenta's Sigmund Svensk(Ch Argenta's Griffith X Ch Argenta's Karamelli)Owner: Valgerdur Stefansdottir
Best of Breed: Argenta's Sigmund Svensk
Best in Opposite Sex: Uppáhalds Gæfa
Judge: Jeff Hurswell, UK

June 9, 2018

SKK National show in Leksand

We got some great news from our puppy owners who went to SKK national show in Leksand.

Argenta's Giovanni - CAC, Best of Breed, Best in Show-2 veteran, Swedish champion
Argenta's Qatniss - CAC, Best in Opposite Sex

Miniature Schnauzer:
Argenta's Mini Jaeger - 2nd best male, Res.CAC

Best of Breed: Argenta's Giovanni
Best in Opposite Sex: Argenta's Qatniss
Judge: Csaba Pettko

Argenta's first dog receiving a championship in three different disciplines:
Rally obedience championship  Blood tracking championship and Show championship!

Argenta's Giovanni

(Capitanomicapitano-PS d'Utrillo x Argenta's Zaffron)
Owner: Maria Axelsson

Mini N-Litter is on it's way!

It's now confirmed by ultrasound that "Kenja", Argenta's Mini Dahlia, will have her third and last litter in the beginning of July! 
Proud father to be is the stunning young latvian male "Tommy", Dinamunde Tomahauk!

Our Mini-N litter is confirmed by ultrasound
Pedigree of Argenta's Mini N-litter
Pedigree of Argenta's Mini N-litter

June 2, 2018

U3-litter is here!

We welcome, the U3-litter.
We ended up with a beautiful, strong and active puppy boy "Uno", Argenta's Uno Unik.
Father: Am Grand Ch, Am Ch Quasar Double Barrel 

Mother: Int, Swe, Fin, Norw, Nordic & Irish Ch, Swe Bloodtracking Ch, Swe JW'14, Nordic JW'14 Argenta's Nigella

Proud mother Ellie with her son Argenta's Uno Unik

"Ellie", Argenta's Nigella, with her son Argenta's Uno Unik

Pedigree of Argenta's U3-litter

May 27, 2018

New photos of T3-litter!

Now the two T3-brothers have moved to their new homes.
We are really pleased with both of them with lots of bone, angulations, harsh coat and with excellent fronts. They are also very social, secure and happy, always wagging their happy tails! 
We long to see how they mature and we will see both of them in the rings in the future!

Argenta's Tristan "Haddock" - 8 weeks old
(Ave Concorde Magnifique x Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske)
Moved to: Maria Vretenbrant & Anders Vretenbrant

Argenta's Tristan "Haddock" - 8 weeks old

Argenta's Tristan "Haddock" - 8 weeks old

Argenta's Truman "Pyro" - 8 weeks old
(Ave Concorde Magnifique x Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske)
Moved to: Christina Kåge Öhrman & Lars Öhrman

Argenta's Truman "Pyro" - 8 weeks old

Pedigree of Argenta's T3-litter

May 26, 2018

News from Latvia

Latvian Schnauzer Club Spring Show in Riga
Judge: Lessi Tchistiakova, Russia
Argenta's Kapten Kaempe won Best of Breed and Best in Show 1!

Congratulations to all our friends at Kennel Dimanunde!

Best in Show: C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta's Kapten Kaempe
(Caudatus Ray Of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)
Evija Shukevicha
Owner: Sabina Ivanova

May 6, 2018

New photos of the T3-litter!

The two boys in our T3-litter turned 5 weeks old this weekend and we took the opportunity to take some new photos of Tristan and Truman even if we haven't had the time to groom them yet.

Mr Red

Mr Red
Mr Blue

Mr Blue

The T-Brothers

Pedigree of Argenta's T3-litter

Planned Miniature Schnauzer Litter

We are planning to breed "Kenja" (Argenta's Mini Dahlia) one last time. Kenja is mother to our Mini G- and Mini J-litter, and has proven to be a great brood bitch and producer with offsprings of very high quality!
The father to be, Dinamunde Tomahauk, is a handsome young male from Latvia who already has proven himself in the show ring. Behind "Tommy" is a very interesting pedigree and together with Tommys nice appearance, mentality and pedigree we think he will complement Kenja very well for her last litter.

Pedigree of Argenta's Mini N-litter

Pedigree with pictures of Argenta's Mini N-litter
Father: Dinamunde Tomahauk

Mother: Argenta's Mini Dahlia

New Bloodtrack Champion!

So happy and proud!
Our old gentleman Int & Multi Ch, Multi Winner, Best in Show Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro "Kolja" gained his Bloodtracking Champion title!
Proof that age doesn't matter and that you can combine beauty AND brain.
Thank you so much Ida Björklund, Kolja's co owner for the wonderful life Kolja has with you, Martin and of course Greta (Argenta's Qatniss).

Ida and Kolja after doing a great blood tracking that made Kolja Swedish bloodtracking champion!

(Ch Dinamunde Lord Brendon x Ch Rus Noel Randez-Vous)
Owner: Ida Björklund & Boel Niklasson

U3-Litter on it's way!

Now it's confirmed by ultrasound that our U3-litter and Argenta's 85th litter is on it's way! 
The puppies are expected to born in the end of May.

Pedigree of Argenta's U3-litter

April 7, 2018

Planned litter

We have now bred Argenta's Nigella with the american male Quasar Double Barrel so hopefully we will have a bunch of puppies in the end of May/beinning of June.

Pedigree of Argenta's U3-litter

Mother: C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta's Nigella

Father: Am Ch, Am Grand Ch Quasar Double Barrel

April 1, 2018

T3-litter is born!

During the easter holiday our sweet Xocci gave birth to two handsome boys. Both mother and are doing great!

Xocci with her two boys

Mother: C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske

Father: C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Ave Concorde Magnifique

Pedigree of Argenta's T3-litter

March 30, 2018

News from Latvia

Latvian Schnauzer Club championship

Ch Argenta' s Mini Dag Diplomat (Duke) - Best male, Best of Opposite Sex, Club Winner

C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta's Mini Dag Diplomat
(La Leia's Brilliant Bailey x Argenta's Mini Aksinja)
Owner: Marina Zarina

March 26, 2018

Mini M-litter 8 weeks

Argenta's Mini Maddox



Argenta's Mini Meaghan




Meaghan and Maddox

Meaghan and Maddox

Meaghan and Maddox 
Meaghan and Maddox

Meaghan and Maddox

Meaghan and Maddox