December 7, 2017

News from Russia

Argenta's Kapten Kaempe have been shown in Russia and have recieved a new title: Russian Champion! 
Big congratulations to our friends at Kennel Dinamunde!

Argenta's Kapten Kaemepes titles are now:
International Champion
Russian Champion

Latvian Champion
Lituanian Champion
Estonian Champion
Baltic Champion
Polish Champion
Baltic Winner’16
Latvian Winner’16
Latvian Schnauzer Club Champion’17
Latvian Schnauzer Club Champion’15
Lithuanian Schnauzer Club Champion’15
Latvian Schnauzer Club Winner’14

Latvian Schnauzer Club Champion’14
Latvian Winner’14
Estonian Winner’14
Latvian Schnauzer Club Winner’14
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion

C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta's Kapten Kaempe
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)
 Sabina Ivanova & Kennel Dinamunde