November 11, 2017

PSK show in Leipzig

Standard Schnauzer:
Champion class males:
Argenta's Morrison - 4th best champion male
Argenta's Kingsley - 2nd best champion male

Junior class females:
Argenta's Raewyn - 1st in junior class

Champion class females:
Argenta's Noblessa - 2nd best champion female
Argenta's Nigella - Excellent & Shortlisted

Open class females:Argenta's Qlothilde - Excellent & Shortlisted

Minature Schnauzer:
Junior class males:
Argenta's Mini Jaeger - 1st in junior class

Caroline, Sophie and Birgitta is preparing Argenta's Mini Jaeger before the show

Argenta's Mini Jaeger and Sophie

Argenta's Raewyn and Iris

Argenta's Morrison and Monika

Argenta's Morrison and Monika

Argenta's Kingsley and Caroline

Champion class

Argenta's Nigella with Sophie and Argenta's Noblessa with Annika

Argenta's Qlothilde and Caroline

Argenta's Qlothilde and Caroline